Imaginary Time

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Title: Imaginary Time
Editor(s): Scott Tilson
Date(s): ??-1997
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Imaginary Time is a gen multifandom anthology out of Canada. It contains art, poems, fiction and articles.

Issue 1

Imaginary Time 1

Issue 2

Imaginary Time 2

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Quoc-Nghi

Imaginary Time 3 was published in 1997 and contains 220 pages.

  • All Through the Night by Merlin Missy. What is everyone hiding? It's the question on Mulder and Scully's minds as they investigate who could have committed a series of unexplained slashings over several decades. Are the Illuminati behind it all? Or... (X-Files/Gargoyles/Batman/Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (3) (also in Flame and Shadow #12)
  • art portfolio by Martin Proctor of his detailed Doctor Who art and an Avengers piece (43)
  • A Simple Pleasure by Paul Keery. As tensions build with Earthgov, Delenn tries to raise Sheridan's spirits. But even the best intentions can go sadly wrong. (Babylon 5) (57)
  • The Power to Hurt by Sharon Cozens. A family reunion is bittersweet for Ranger Marcus Cole, for he has a secret he must keep. (Babylon 5) (63)
  • Parallels by Paul Keery. A commentary article on how SF history seems to be repeating itself. (Babylon 5) (67)
  • art portfolio by Juane Michaud (A collection of her various parody cartoons.) (69)
  • The Winds of Faith by Paul Keery. Newly married, Lois now has to wonder if Superman will be taken from her by mysterious earthquakes in the north and the appearance of a 'mythical Goddess.' Guest appearances from Mad About You and Due South characters. (Lois & Clark: ... Superman) [movie? television?] (85)
  • Requiem by Paul Keery. A commentary article on the passing of the most famous superhero. (Lois & Clark: ... Superman) (136)
  • art portfolio by Quoc-Nghi (something new and the evolution of a cover, too.) (138)
  • The City of Heaven by Chris Robertson (poem) (145)
  • Copper Dust by Scott Tilson (poem) (147)
  • A Dream by Scott Tilson (poem) (148)
  • art portfolio by Ray Lefebvre (new work, of adventurers, human and starship.) (149)
  • Right Turn Come Morning by Raymond Lefebvre. You're dead, Jim. But is he? Trelane gives Kirk a gift, perhaps... (Star Trek: TOS) (155)
  • Threads of Legacy by Paul Keery. With earth turning away from the purpose of the Federation, one woman seeks to restore its greatest symbol. (Star Trek) (164)
  • Quality of Life by Scott Tilson. A Borg solo story. Does the cause justify the means? (Star Trek: TNG) (170)
  • The Derelict by Chris Robertson. Picard and the crew find the apparently dead Galactica in the Romulan Neutral Zone. And they're not alone. (Star Trek: TNG/Battlestar Galactica) (172)