Hitchhikers and Pie

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Title: Hitchhikers and Pie
Author(s): sarcastic_fina
Date(s): November 14, 2008
Length: 4,690 words
Genre: Rated NC-17, Romance/Humor
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
External Links: Hitchhikers and Pie (at LJ)

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Hitchhikers and Pie is a Chloe Sullivan/Dean Winchester fic by sarcastic_fina. It was written for the prompt "Truth" from 12_stories LJ community.


He didn't know what to expect when he picked her up, but this probably wasn't it.

Comments & Reactions

"I haven't read all the other works of this author, but its obvious that sarcastic_fina loves Chloe. She writes tons of crossovers of Chloe/Dean, Chloe/Bruce Wayne, etc. I'm sure there are all as awesomely in character as this. This story is simple, perfectly in character, and does a great job of bringing these two characters together in a believable way. I love that it's not rushed, or a contrived way to set up the relationship. Everything happens in a natural way with these two very supernatural fandoms. Great crossover, and c'mon, we all know that Dean needs a smart, clever girl like Chloe in his life. ;)"[1]
"Aww, that was fantastic! I loved it so much. I liked the way Chloe and Dean met. The dialogue was so funny and so THEM. ... LOL I cracked up. I could just picture this in my head. The sex was steamy and I loved how the pie thing. Sam calling him out on having a mushy relationship was hilarious. And how they told each other the truth about their identities ... just perfect. Wonderful job! "[2]
"Awesome. I really love pie, no joke. I get very excited when the topic comes up. I just made a delicious caramel apple. Mmmm.... This fic was just what I needed! I love how they met. The image of Chloe in a wedding dress by the side of the road being picked up by Dean? New favorite. The build up to the relationship rang true. And when they got together? Very hot. And Sam giving Dean crap about a cutesy relationship was made of win. Great job."[3]


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