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Fandom: Media Fandom
See also: Science Fiction Fandom vs. Media Fandom, History of Slash Fandom, Timeline of Slashed Sources

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A history of Media Fandom. See History of Slash Fandom for a more slash-specific version of this.

Some contenders as the first modern media fandom:


In many cases, the shows that had big slash fandoms were the ones with large fandoms in general, and vice versa; the Timeline of Slashed Sources lists many of these. However, there have also been media fandoms without a significant slash component. Some of these include:

One trend that some fans have observed is for shows to have a significant het and gen fandom while they are airing but for this fandom to largely dry up once they're off the air, leaving behind a primarily slash fandom.[1] In discussions of media fandom history, the large and diverse Star Trek fandom is often reduced to just the Kirk/Spock pairing, though some fans have commented that less than half of the zines have focused on K/S.[2]

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