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Name: Hiro Hamada
Occupation: Inventor, schoolboy, superhero
Relationships: Aunt Cass (aunt), Tadashi (brother), deceased, unnamed parents, Wasabi (friend), Honey Lemon (friend), GoGo (friend), Fred (friend), Baymax (pet robot), Robert Callaghan (enemy), Mochi (cat)
Fandom: Big Hero 6
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Hiro is the protagonist in the Disney film Big Hero 6.



Hiro is commonly shipped with Honey Lemon and GoGo, despite being notably younger than either. Incest ships with brother Tadashi exist, as do crossover ships with other Disney characters, with Riley from Inside Out being a common one due to their geographical proximity.


Fans have created another version of the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons' Big Four called The Modern Four or The Futuristic Big Four featuring Hiro, Wilbur Robinson (Meet the Robinsons), Violet Parr (The Incredibles) and Penny Forrester (Bolt). Sometimes, other characters in the group also includes Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph or Riley Andersen from Inside Out. [1]


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