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Name: Baymax
Occupation: Medic, fighting robot, superhero
Relationships: Tadashi (creator), Wasabi (friend), Hiro Hamada (owner), GoGo (friend), Fred (friend), Baymax (friend), Alistair Krei (acquaintance), Robert Callaghan (enemy)
Fandom: Big Hero 6
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Baymax is a main character in the Disney film Big Hero 6 who also has a cameo in Kingdom Hearts. There's also a spin-off series on Disney+ called Baymax! focused on the robot's little adventures trying to help others.


Baymax is a healthcare robot companion built by Tadashi Hamada. Baymax is then upgraded by Hiro Hamada to help the boy and his friends fight the villain who stole Hiro's microbots and later be a part of the superhero team Big Hero 6 along with Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, Gogo and Honey Lemon.


Baymax is generally loved by the fandom. He's often there to give comfort and support to other characters, even in crossovers. Big Hero 6 often crossovers with other Disney and Pixar animated movies, but because of its futuristic setup and superhero narrative, Marvel movies, in special The Avengers, crossovers are also popular among the fans. As for the spin-off, there show received mixed reactions. In the episode about a girl named Sofia getting her period for the first time, there's a trans male character shown on screen giving Baymax tips on menstruation products, which was not very well-accepted by more conservative viewership[1]. On the other hand, there were also those who applauded the series' diversity and openness to discuss important topics with children[2]





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