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Name: Tadashi Hamada
Occupation: Inventor, schoolboy
Relationships: Aunt Cass (aunt), Hiro (brother), unnamed deceased parents, Wasabi (friend), Honey Lemon (friend), GoGo (friend), Fred (friend), Baymax (pet robot), Robert Callaghan (friend)
Fandom: Big Hero 6
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Tadashi Hamada is a supporting character in the Disney film Big Hero 6.


Tadashi is the elder brother of Hiro, the film's protagonist. Tadashi is a college student at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. His speciality is robotics, and he is the creator of the robot Baymax.

Early in the film, he dies after going back into a burning building to rescue a friend, in an incident that turns out to be the work of the film's antagonist. This is the catalyst for Hiro and Tadashi's surviving friends forming the superhero group Big Hero 6.


Since Tadashi's body is not recovered after the fire, fanworks will sometimes make it so that Tadashi survived but for some reason was unable to return to his family and friends during the timeframe of the canon story.


Tadashi is usually shipped with one of his college friends, such as Honey Lemon or Fred. Works depicting the familial relationship between Tadashi and Hiro are also common. There are also a number of works depicting an incestuous relationship between Tadashi and Hiro.


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