Violet Parr

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Name: Violet "Vi" Parr
Occupation: School student
Part time superhero
Title/Rank: Heroine
Location: North East USA
Status: Alive
Relationships: Robert Parr/Mr Incredible (father), Helen Parr/Mrs Incredible (mother), Dash Parr (brother), Jack Jack Parr (brother), Buddy Pine/Syndrome (enemy), Lucius Best/Frozone (friend of father's), Kari McKeen (school friend), Tony Rydinger (love interest)
Fandom: The Incredibles
Other: Voiced by Sarah Vowell.
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Violet Parr is one of the secondary protagonists of the 2004 Pixar film The Incredibles and its sequel Incredibles 2.


Violet and the rest of her family are gifted with superpowers, albeit in a dystopian time period where 'supers' have been outlawed due to a string of incidents where superheroes were causing more harm than good.


Violet is one of the most popular characters in The Incredibles fandom, likely due to her being one of only three prominent female characters in the film, and the only one with a discernible age (Violet is approximately fifteen, while Helen would be roughly thirty five, perhaps older, and there are no clues as to Mirage's age).


Violet is also one of the most shipped, with almost every possible relationship existing, incestuous or otherwise. Popular ships include Violet/Helen, and Violet/Syndrome, the latter of which is often non-con.

Rarer ships include Violet/Robert and Violet/Kari. Ironically, Violet's love interest, Tony Rydinger, was almost never shipped with her until becoming a canon relationship in the second movie. Another ship that surfaced with the arrival of the sequel was with Voyd, due to both girls being of similar age.

Crossover shipping

Violet is commonly shipped in crossovers, be it other Disney or Pixar films, DreamWorks films, or even in other superhero fandoms, particularly ones featuring characters that share Violet's superpower of invisibility. One of the more common crossovers is with the Teen Titans fandom, most often Raven, due to her and Violet sharing several personality traits.

Common Themes

Violet's power of invisibility is often used as a kink in fanworks involving her. This can be used for stealth purposes, such as turning invisible to avoid being caught masturbating, or predatorily, perhaps to sneak up on someone while invisible. While the latter is less common, both are at least seen in fanworks.

BDSM is another kink satisfied by invisibility, and occasionally seen in the fandom.


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