Hippie Boy (Sentinel vid)

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Title: Hippie Boy
Creator: Media Cannibals, Sandy Herrold, Feochadn, Rachael Sabotini
Date: 1998
Format: VCR Vid
Music: ?
Genre: slashy
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: streaming and download; see Media Cannibals/Tape3 for more information.

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Hippie Boy is a Sentinel vid by Media Cannibals.

The Media Cannibals cut the last verse from the song to create a rare POV from the second person in the vid, with Jim talking about Blair. Despite the comedic opening, the core of the vid centered around Blair's self-doubt and his belief that he didn't live up to Jim's expectations as evidenced by the lyric: "And please don't remind me that I am not the boy you'd hoped for."[1] So while the song and the vid were very slashy, the implication was a meta one: that the fanonical hearts-and-flowers relationship between them wasn't working out.

The vid is sometimes used as an example of a fanvid that showcases relationship themes *other* than "they are in love". As one fan explained:

The vid "Hippie Boy" about Jim and Blair tells a very serious story, from Jim's POV about how he feels about who Blair is and what Blair does, and not all of it is pleasant."[2]

Another fan:

"I like "Similar Features" and "Hippie Boy" because they tell a different story for Sentinel. I get tired of the "I love you/you love me" romantic vids after awhile when that's *all* I seem to be getting. A little variety goes a long way.[3]

Others see it as a recruiter vid:

Hippie Boy' by Sandy, Rachael, & Jo- Another long time favorite. Yes, I'm sick to death of Sentinel, but when I originally saw ths one, I fell in love with it because it was a perfect song for the fandom. It always came off as more of a relationship vid rather than a recruiter vid, however, it did get me into Caroline's Spine. I now own all of their Cds"[4]


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