Highland Blades

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Title: Highland Blades
Publisher: GraphicsOne/Carol Ann Liddiard
Editor(s): Sheila Lane and Shannon Lane
Date(s): 1996-
Medium: print
Fandom: Highlander
Language: English
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Highland Blades is a gen Highlander anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Highland Blades 1 was published in November 1996 and has 122 pages.

  • A Gruesome Death by Antonia Mandry (poem)
  • Thieves of London by Sandra McDonald--Duncan, Tessa and Richie visit an old friend of Duncan's and everything doesn't go as planned! (14 pages)
  • Is Ignorance Bliss? by Richard L. Foland Jr. (3 pages)
  • Limbo by Angela Mull--Tessa is seriously injured in a car accident. (5 pages)
  • At What Price Vengeance? by Monica T. Jordan--The lover of Grayson (from the episode "Band of Brothers") befriends Tessa and Richie, planning her revenge on MacLeod. (15 pages)
  • Mortal Time by Jen Thrailkill (2 pages)
  • Cruel Summer by Scott Vodvarka--Michelle (from the episode "Rite of Passage") invites Richie up to a cabin near Camp Crystal Lake. Crossover with Friday the 13th. (10 pages)
  • Young at Heart by Eugenie Topputo--How old is too old to become Immortal? Part was list posted but has been rewritten for the zine. (10 pages)
  • Uncommon Sense by Laura Schomberg--When Richie decides to take classes at nearby Rainier University he finds himself being hunted by another Immortal. Crossover with The Sentinel (9 pages)
  • A Symbol of Love (offline, archived) by Melanie Riley (19 pages)
  • Tangled Webs by Cynthia Shettle--Adam's Immortality is discovered by a renegade Watcher, can he and Amanda prevent his secret from getting out? (13 pages)
  • Desperate Measures by Kevin H. Robnett--Will Mac & Richie's friendship survive an attempt to rescue Connor from a new group of Hunters? (12 pages)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Highland Blades 2 was published in May 1997 and contains 124 pages and eleven stories and poems and some B&W illustrations. Two of the stories are crossovers, one with X-Files and one with Nightmare Cafe.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Highland Blades 3 (126 pgs) - Contains 9 stories and some B&W illustrations. It was published in January 1998.

  • Rain by Silvia Barlaam (1 page)
  • The Chieftain's Sword by Mary Orwig--Connor has settled down to a quiet life with Heather until Angus MacLeod shows up with a request. (11 pages)
  • Stolen Property (offline, archived) by Dawn Cunningham and Linda Hutcheson--Tessa and Duncan's shop is robbed and the thieves take more than just antiques. (21 pages)
  • Small Sacrifices by Roxanne Longstreet (9 pages)
  • Grave Matters by Ellen Shipley--After running from MacLeod who's under the influence of a Dark Quickening, Richie ends up in a town with more than just Immortals to worry about. Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (14 pages)
  • War and Pieces (offline, archived) by Melanie Riley (!4 pages)
  • Alive & Kicking by Ann Wortham and Laura Virgil--Cassandra is out for revenge against Methos. Can Duncan and Amanda save him? (25 pages)
  • Silver Lining by Diana Rusnak (3 pages)
  • Tough Guy by Sandra MacDonald--Just how did Richie Ryan end up staying with Tessa and Duncan? (20 pages)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Highland Blades 4 was published in September 1998. This fanzine contains 9 stories, two of which are crossovers with The Sentinel and FX: The Series. The fanzine is 154 pages.

  • A Matter of Trust by Judy Schulz —Shortly after Richie moves in with Duncan and Tessa his past catches up to him. (7)
  • It Takes a Thief by Teri Dohmen —Duncan MacLeod suspects his old friend Amanda is up to her thieving ways and he intends to put her back on the straight and narrow. (37)
  • Sizzle by Sandra McDonald--A heat wave affects Richie, Duncan and Tessa in different ways. (46)
  • Full Circle by Richard L. Foland Jr. —(FX the Series crossover) Connor MacLeod and his student cross paths with a New York cop and a special effects expert. (50)
  • The Game (offline, archived) by Melanie Joan Riley —A wee bit of humor! (56)
  • Easier Said Than Done by Sue Kelley —(The Sentinel crossover) After witnessing a murder Richie runs in fear for his life only to end up under the protection of a Cascade cop and his partner who have secret of their own. (57)
  • Expectations by Beltane (85)
  • Is It Enough? (offline, archived) by Dawn Cunningham (102)
  • Lines of Communication by Gina Goff and Kat Parsons —A novella. Coming to believe that Duncan has betrayed his privacy and held him up to ridicule in letters to Connor, Richie becomes obsessed with seeing those letters. (103)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Highland Blades 5 was published in December 1998 and contains 126 pages, 10 stories, 1 poem and B&W illustrations.

  • Questions by Alice Hill—A poem. (6)
  • Remembrance by Monica Jordan — Duncan and Richie face the first anniversary of Tessa Noel's death. (7)
  • The Second Loss by Sandra McDonald — Richie leaves Duncan as he prepares to fight the Immortal Gallen, only this time MacLeod doesn't come back. (11)
  • Firepoles by Sheila Paulson — An inebriated Duncan and Richie reminisce. (AU story and sequel to "Fatal Images" in Remote Control #10) (23)
  • Long Time Passing by KT Costello — MacLeod, with the help of a rookie Watcher, rescues Amanda from an old enemy bent on revenge. (27)
  • The Care of the Soul by Catherine Schlein — Set in an AU future, the Chronicles of Darius fall into Richie's hands. (37)
  • Semantic Differences by Sue Kelley — MacLeod offers Richie a job and ends up with him moving in. (41)
  • Introspection (offline, archived) by Melanie J. Riley—Richie reflects on what his life is like. (63)
  • Immortals in Black by Kat Parsons — When a man witnesses Immortal healing, he reaches the logical conclusion—and knows it is imperative that the people of the world hear the truth. (plenty of humor!) (64)
  • Acceptance of Conflict by Sue Factor — Mac returns from Paris after recovering from the Dark Quickening but Richie has no interest in resuming their friendship. Written before "End of Innocence" aired. (73)
  • Retribution by Kevin Robnett—Gregor Powers. Richie Ryan. Payback. Chilled serving platter. Any questions? Crossover with Walker, Texas Ranger. (99)