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This help page provides instructions for how to create, organize and develop articles about fanwork tropes and genres.

Fanlore documents genres, tropes, and trends within fanworks (all types of fanworks--fanfic, art, vids, etc.). Many of these topics are also glossary terms (WNGWJLEO, etc.), but some are not (cyberpunk, unicorns, etc.). You can browse a list of all tropes and genres in Fanlore here.

How do I name the page?

If it's a glossary term, this is easy: The name of the page should be the term itself. Example: Alternate Universe

If there's no generally accepted term, or it's a broader topic that covers multiple terms, use more generic language that describes the topic. Examples: Animals in Fanworks, Pregnancy, Safe Sex and Fandom

See also how to create a page and guidelines for naming pages.

Which templates and categories should I use?

Use the trope template. The template automatically adds the Tropes & Genres category.

If the trope/genre is mainly used in one fandom or originated in a particular fandom, it should get a fandom category. If it is also a glossary term, manually add the glossary category.

See also Help:Templates and Help:Categories.

What content should I add?

Suggested topics:

  • definition/scope
  • what type of fanwork it is associated with (story trope, art genre, etc.)
  • history/evolution - when did it start?
  • relationship to other tropes and genres
  • which fan communities use it most and how
  • comparison of how it is deployed in canon versus fanworks, if it is used in canon
  • examples of fanworks that use it
  • resources to help the user find more fanworks of this type: link to the AO3 tag, LJ community tags, masterlists, etc.
  • anything else relevant

More on adding examples

We love examples! Standard procedure is to put them all in a section like this

==Example Fanworks==

You may want to organize examples by fandom, date, subgenre, or whatever works best.

If applicable, try to include as wide a variety as possible (not just one character/pairing/fandom, not just fanfic, not just one fan creator, etc.)

If the page doesn't have (m)any examples yet, you can encourage other editors to add more by adding Template:ExamplesWanted. You can browse the Examples Wanted category to find pages that need love.

Examples of Trope and Genre pages