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The IFD 2020 Fanlore Challenge is a week-long event organized as part of International Fanworks Day 2020. The Challenge is open to new and experienced editors, and everyone is encouraged to participate!

Read on for more information on what the Challenge involves, and how to take part.

What does the Challenge involve?

The IFD 2020 Fanlore Challenge takes place from the 10-16 February, with different editing challenges to complete on each day.

Each day has a challenge suitable for editors at any level, plus a bonus challenge for more experienced editors. It's completely up to you which one you want to complete — you’re welcome to take on both of them if you wish!

Anyone who completes that day's challenge(s) will be awarded a shiny badge! Further down, you'll find instructions on how to get your badges, and how to display them on your Fanlore user page.

Daily Editing Challenges

Day 1 (Feb 10)

Challenge: Create a Fanlore account!

Bonus: Add some information to your user page!

Day 2 (Feb 11)

Challenge: Add some fanwork examples to a fandom page.

Bonus: Add some meta links to a fandom page.

Day 3 (Feb 12)

Challenge: Add fan reactions or responses (e.g. comments or reviews) to any fanwork page.

Bonus: Create a brand new fanwork page. You can always ask a friendly Gardener for help creating a new page if you're unsure.

Day 4 (Feb 13)

Challenge: Add an example to any fannish meme page.

Bonus: Add examples to three different meme pages.

Day 5 (Feb 14)

Challenge: In honour of Valentine's Day, add some fandom information to any relationship page - this can include platonic or family relationships!

Bonus: Add some fandom info to any polyamorous/moresome ship page.

Day 6 (Feb 15)

Challenge: For International Fanworks Day, add to the page for a fan community that's meaningful to you.

Bonus: Create a new page for a fan community that you were a part of.

Day 7 (Feb 16)

Challenge: Edit any page that's part of a FanloreProject. If you're unsure about what counts, feel free to ask on that project's Talk page!

Bonus: Join any FanloreProject (by adding your name to the Project's member list section) and edit multiple pages.

Challenge Badges

Each day of the Challenge has a different roaring 1920's badge available to be won, designed by the amazing CarnwenannB312 and Jercy Dee!

How do I get my badges?

During the Challenge, members of the Fanlore Committee and Gardeners will be keeping an eye on Recent Changes for any edits that qualify for the day's tasks.

However, you can also email us (be sure to select "Fanlore" from the menu), tweet us, send us a Tumblr ask, or comment on our Dreamwidth with a link to and/or a screenshot of your edits, plus your Fanlore handle, and we'll make sure you get your badge!

Your badges will be posted to your talk page, so be sure to check there if you haven't received your badge yet. We'll aim to award badges within 2-3 days of the edits being made.

How can I display my badges on Fanlore?

Once you've earned your Challenge badges, you can display them on your Fanlore user page for everyone to admire! Here's how.

  1. Your badge will have been posted to your talk page, which you can access by selecting "Talk" at the top of the screen on the desktop version of the site. On mobile, use the hamburger menu (which looks like three lines) in the top left corner, and select your username from the bottom of the menu. There will be a link you can select to take you to your talk page, labelled Talk to [your username].
  2. Edit your talk page. You should be able to grab the image code for your badge from there - it will look something like this:

    Image:IFD 2020 Badge Day1.png

  3. Copy that code, and paste it within/including the two square brackets wherever you like on your user page!

For example: [[Image:IFD2020 Badge1.png|200px]] will show up as:
IFD2020 Badge1.png
If you'd like to display your badges somewhere other than Fanlore, you can easily do that, too — just right-click on the image (or long press on mobile) and either copy the link address or save it to your device, to be used anywhere you like.