Hans von Hozel

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Name: Hans von Hozel
Type: Fanfiction author
Fandoms: Too numerous to list
Communities: FFnet, FictionPress
URL: Old account on FFnet (deleted)
New account on FFnet
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Hans von Hozel is/was a prolific writer of badfic. The Classic Badfic Archives described him as "probably the most prolific trollfic author on the Internet, or at least we assume he is a troll."[1] He is assumed to be German, due to his user icons being the German flag, and mentions of visiting Berlin. His author bio on FanFiction.net said he was writing stories to improve his English, or in his own words "to make an improve of my English." This phrase structure "to make a/an [verb]" is one of the recurring elements of his work. Other recurring elements include the word "danube" used as a verb, or stories which turn out to have nothing to do with the actual fandom, but are extrapolated from the name of the fandom: for example: his stories "Harvest Moon" wherein the Sun is jealous of the Moon's flying, and "The Wallflower" which was about a flower growing on a wall.

He joined FanFiction.net in 2008(?) and eventually had over a hundred very short fics published.

He joined FictionPress on February 12, 2009, and published ten short stories that month, with no further activity on the account.

His original FanFiction.net account was deleted c. 2012, and the page now only says "FanFiction.Net Message Type 1 - User is no longer an active member." On January 7, 2014, he appeared with a new FFnet account "Hans von Hozel 2013", and a bio that stated his previous account had been banned without explanation.

You may be wondering where I gone. One day, around two Year ago, I woke up to sadly message from Fanfiction.net! All stories gone, delete! No explanaton! Just delete! Hard work for six years! All is delete! Original account was ban! OH NO! Over 100 stories from since 2008!! GONE! Some people even thought I delete my own account! No! Was not the case! I took very long break from this Web Site because sadly at deleting of all hard work stories. Sad time =(

Because of this, I had given up writing Stories! [...]

But recently, was cleaning out old Laptop and searching Files! Found many story files of FANFICTION! Happy Day! My stories return! Then I check old email and many messages from Fan! They were sadly also at the deleting of stories. They had save my stories too! So I made Decision to come back to Fanfiction.net and continue to make stories for Fan and get better with English language! I will put stories up back and maybe even make some new ones![2]


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