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Name: The Classic Badfic Archives
Date(s): April 20, 2016 - June 2, 2016
Archivist: snarkqueen2016
Fandom: Any
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The Classic Badfic Archives is a Wordpress blog that archived and commentates on older (at least five years old) badfic. The blog's first featured fic was My Inner Life by Links Queen, an adult Legend of Zelda fic pairing Link with Jenna Silverblade, the author's self-insert.

A badfic that is funny today may just seem sad and pointless in a couple of years, or even a couple of months time. The stuff archived here has stood the test of time, they are so bad that people still talk about them and refer to them all this time later. That is what makes them badfic classics. In order to qualify, the fic should exhibit at least two (ideally more) of the following qualities in addition to being old:
  • Blatant and over the top Mary Sue/Marty Stu
  • Excessive abuse of punctuation and speech marks.
  • The absence of distinct paragraphs.
  • Extreme mischaracterization of canon characters.
  • Gaping plotholes the size of the grand canyon.
  • Anatomical impossibilities, mpreg for instance.
  • Badly written porn scenes, excessive detail or Ikea erotica.
  • Disturbing content… warning once read cannot be unread.
  • Purple prose (excessive and over the top descriptions)[1]


  1. FAQ