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Pairing: Connor/Hank Anderson
Alternative name(s): HankCon
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Detroit: Become Human
Canonical?: non canon
Prevalence: High
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Connor/Hank Anderson is a ship in the Detroit: Become Human fandom.


Connor is a police investigator android who is sent to the Detroit City Police Department to aid in the investigation of deviant androids across Detroit and is assigned to Detective Lieutenant Hank Anderson.


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HankCon was initially the juggernaut ship of the fandom, making up most of the fanworks for the game and arguably driving the fandom's growth. However, later on in the fandom the Reed900 ship became more popula, so HankCon content does not vastly outnumber all other characters and ships.

Fans of the ship were amused when the verified Twitter account @PlayStationUK tweeted some HankCon material for Halloween 2018 and Valentine's Day 2019. The Halloween tweet said "Halloween Couple's Costume Idea" with pictures of Connor and Hank. The Valentine's tweet read "Roses are red, Violets are blue," and then a screencap of Connor saying "My instructions stipulate that I have to accompany you."[1][2][3]

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