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Pairing: Gavin Reed/RK900
Alternative name(s): Reed900, gav900
Gender category: Slash, Non-Binary
Fandom: Detroit: Become Human
Canonical?: non canon
Prevalence: High
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Reed900 is a ship in the Detroit: Become Human fandom, pairing Gavin Reed and RK900.

The ship has very little canon basis, as the two characters never interact and RK900 never speaks or displays any canon characterization. The dynamic of their relationship portrayed in fanworks is based on Reed's antagonistic relationship with Connor in canon.


Reed900 is the second most popular DBH ship on AO3, after HankCon. This is unusual because it is between the relatively minor character of Gavin Reed and the completely fanon character of RK900, who appears in a single mid-credits scene that players may or may not even unlock[1] and who has no lines or discernible character traits.

In a discussion about the unexpected popularity of the ship, a fan said:

It is baffling. Reed is in the game for five minutes and he's an asshole. RK900 has no lines and doesn't even appear in most games. So of course they're the second most popular ship. Of course they are. ???

Yet I just keep reading the fic...oops.[2]

Whether RK900/Gavin Reed is a case of Two White Guys or a crackship that's gained traction is unclear, but it does highlight the fandom's tendency to do whatever they want rather than adhere to canon. It has also been suggested that this ship may have rose in popularity due to fans wanting to explore the relationship between Connor and Gavin without the often antagonistic contexts of their interactions and without detracting from the shipping of Connor and Hank.[3]

It is usually imagined that after canon RK900 joins the Detroit Police Department and becomes a police android like Connor, and Gavin's partner. Several fan films produced by Octopunk Media employ this setting, including the popular Detroit Evolution which inspired even more Reed 900 fanworks.

Ship Appeal

Gavin and RK800 Connor I think are mainly seen as a fun enemies to lovers ship. They hate each other but still manage to fall in love and all that. I can’t see them as a couple, so I can’t really say much about them.

Gavin and RK900 Connor are slightly different. Nines is a completely blank slate with only seconds of screen time. People love him because they can make him whatever they want him to be. And in extension, they often make him work partners with Gavin and a similar enemies to loves vibe plays out. There’s a lot more creative liberties that can be taken with him and people definitely go for it.

It’s also interesting to see Gavin go from hating androids to realizing that he’s fallen for one and that maybe they aren’t that bad. A lot of people who ship Gavin with either of them seem to take quite a few liberties with him too and throw in a nice character arc for him.[4]

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