Detroit Awakening

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Fan Film
Title: Detroit Awakening
Creator: Octopunk Media
Date: March 27, 2019
Length: 16:34
Fandom: Detroit: Become Human

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Detroit Awakening is a Reed900 fan film created by Octopunk Media. The YouTube video attained more than 400 thousand views.

Fans of the fanfilm have created art, fic, and vid content based on it.

After the film's release, Ty Anaya, the actor who played Gavin Reed in DA, was accused of online sexual harassment by a fan. When Octopunk Media was made aware of this, Ty was fired from the production team.[1]

A sequel film titled Detroit Evolution released on April 11, 2020.[2]

Cast and Crew

  • Director of Photography: Michelle Iannantuono
  • Key Makeup Artist: Kristin Ciotti
  • Lighting Supervisor: Ahren Ciotti
  • Sound Recordist: Austin Butts
  • Gavin Reed: Ty Anaya
  • RK900: Maximilian Koger
  • Chris Miller & Markus: Michael Smallwood
  • North: Kathleen O'Shaughnessy
  • Cyberlife AI: Michelle Iannantuono

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