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Newsletter Community
Name: Handbasket News
Date(s): created on 2008-10-29
Fandom: RPF & RPS
URL: Handbasket News

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Handbasket News is a newsletter for RPF fiction. It has been running since 2008 and collects links to selected fanworks, news and meta. The newsletter is published several days each week, but unlike some newsletters that seek to be inclusive of all works in a fandom, Handbasket News is meant to be a limited listing based on the editors' individual tastes.[1] The newsletter includes works from major and minor RPF fandoms such as CWRPF, Sports RPF, AI8, Star Trek (2009) RPF, Merlin RPF, Bandom, and many others.

The name is a play on the phrase going to Hell in a handbasket, and references the idea that some people have moral qualms about RPF as a genre.


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