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Synonyms: anthology, gassakubon
See also: doujinshi, kojinshi
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A goudoushi (合同誌, goudoushi), literally "combination magazine", is a term used most often in Japanese fandom for a doujinshi that contains fanworks by multiple doujinka or doujinshi circles. Goudoushi usually center on one genre, character, or kappuringu.[1] Generally, all participants split the costs of having the doujinshi printed, and any circle whose work is contained in the goudoushi may distribute it. Some goudoushi are put together by circles who specialize in editing work but don't contribute content themselves.

Synonyms of goudoushi are gassakubon (合作本, gassakubon, literally "collaboration book") and anthology (アンソロジー, ansorojii). The opposite of a goudoushi is a kojinshi, a doujinshi created entirely by one person. Now that printing costs for doujinshi are not as high as they used to be because the wide availability of consumer printing technology, kojinshi have become more common than goudoushi.[2]


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