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Name: Awards
Date(s): 2001
Frequency: once
Format: popular vote
Type: general
Associated Community:
Fandom: Hanson
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The Awards were awards for the Hanson fandom hosted by They honored a variety of different types of fansites.


Best Artwork Site: Hanson in Clay-O-Vision

Best Campaign: Never Backing Down

Best Clique: I Love My Favorite Band

Best Content:

Best Domain:

Best Fanfic Site: Paint it Red

Best Graphics: Rapture Designs

Best Humor Site: Zacky Farms

Best Isaac Site: Embraceable

Best Layouts: Angels

Best Overall Site:

Best Taylor Site: Fetish

Best Webring: Mind/Reality

Best Zac Site: Zacky Farms

Most Envied Site: Zacky Farms

Most Creative Title: Swiss Cheese Memories

Most Updated Site: Hanson Hotel

Peoples' Choice: Zacky Farms