Hanson in Clay-O-Vision

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Name: Hanson in Clay-O-Vision
Dates: 1999-2001
Type: fanart
Fandom: Hanson
URL: clayvision.net/hanson, Feb 2005, via wayback
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Logo for the website

Hanson in Clay-O-Vision is a fanart site that featured humorous portrayals of Hanson made with Fimo clay.

The site was featured as Net Pick in the sixth issue of Hanson's official zine, MOE. They had the following to say about it:[1]

The is truly one of the best and most entertaining sites we have ever come across. The claymation is awesome and the entire concept is very clever and funny. If there is one site you should check out on the net it is this one. eClay...BUAHAHAHAHA

The site featured multiple hand designed and painted clay figures of Hanson, their fans and more, as well as a Hanson "game show" feature and information on how to make your own clay figures. Their fanart section featured drawings by, amongst authors, Lily Fox.


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