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Name: Mind/Reality
Date Founded: 2000-?
Fandom: Hanson
Focus: elite fansites
URL: http://brightandbeautiful.org/hanson/mr/

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Mind/Reality was a webring for Hanson fansites run by Laura Motta which had strict requirements about the quality of sites allowed in. From the ring's homepage:

IN SEARCH OF: insightful commentary, wit and wisdom, creativity, spark, edge, crabbiness, voices that beg to be heard, breathtaking design, Hanson Love, free spirits, big mouths and HTML goddesses for one, selective, low-calorie, high fiber webring. If you're a genius, if you rock, if you make Taylor Hanson look like a frump, if your coolness defies all definition, if you walk on air, look no further. You are home.

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