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Fans, recognizing the cliches in plot, scripts, canon, and fannish behavior, create "generators," activities which poke fun at these predictabilities.

Some examples:

A Professionals Example

"The topic is The Ten Best Reasons for Taking Your Partner to Bed. Want to write a slash story? Pick one of these and Go For It:

  • The girl jilted me. (Or him.)
  • I was drunk.
  • I was sick.
  • I was almost dead.
  • I was dead.
  • I needed to Reaffirm Life in order to Go On in this lousy, depressing, death-ridden job.
  • I wanted you the first time I saw your arse twitch.
  • It-Was-For-Your-Own-Good-You'll-Thank-Me-In-The-Morning
  • Cowley told me to.
  • So no one else would.
  • No one understands us but us." [1]

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

Gallery of Some Examples


  1. ^ from Cold Fish and Stale Chips #2