Fuck it i dont want girls sexualising mlm

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Title: Fuck it i dont want girls sexualising mlm
Creator: radicel
Date(s): July 2016
Medium: tumblr post
Fandom: m/m
Topic: Identity appropriation
External Links: Fuck it (reblog link)
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This is a notorious post by radicel about female slash fans. It spawned a discussion of who has the right to like slash, including queer women asserting their right but saying that straight, cis women are fetishizing gayness if they like slash.[citation needed]

As of July 31st, 2016, the post had over 18,000 notes. By October 2016, the original blog had been deleted (or had its name changed) but the post is still visible in reblogs.

i dont want girls sexualising mlm relationships anymore. at all
i dont care if its a “way for them to express their sexuality”. that aint right...