Forever Knight: A Reference Guide

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Title: Forever Knight: A Reference Guide
Creator: Gwenn Musicante
Date(s): 2003
Medium: book
Fandom: Forever Knight
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The cover of Forever Knight: A Reference Guide by Gwenn Musicante
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[1]Forever Knight: A Reference Guide is a book written by Gwenn Musicante about the television series, Forever Knight. It was self-published in 2003 with the permission of the publishing division of Sony/Tristar,[2] and sold by the author through her fan site. (It is currently out of print.)

The books sold for $20.00 plus shipping, and the 200 I had printed, sold out within a couple of months. I self published, which meant that I had to pay a couple of thousand dollars up front to the publishing company. I did not purchase an ISBN number because of the added cost of a hundred dollars. I was concerned that I might not get the money back with the sales. I pretty much broke even, but I still feel that it was worth it for Forever Knight to have its own book as a tribute to the series.[3]

Amateur Authorized Guide

When referenced on other FK fans' websites or on the ForKNI-L mailing list, Forever Knight: A Reference Guide is always referred to as a "book", not a "fanzine" or "zine". As an amateur authorized "Guide" to a television series, Forever Knight:A Reference Guide is something hard to categorize—almost sui generis.[4]

Although there is a section about fandom at the end, the bulk of the book comprises the sort of thing one would expect in an official book about a TV series, something sold glossy in a bookstore or on Amazon, i.e. character/episode guides plus a hefty amount of behind-the-scenes background on the making of the show. Since the book was authorized by Sony/Tristar, Gwenn had unusual access to the creative personnel involved with the show—not just a few actors at a con, but all the regular cast as well as some who played recurring roles; the creator of the series, Jim Parriott; several of the script writers; and the composer of most of the music for the show.


Forever Knight: A Reference Guide is perfect-bound, 8¼ by 10¾ inches in size, with cardstock covers. The front and back covers have the same picture, a colour photograph of the Toronto skyline that was taken by Marg Yamanaka. Both Marg and Cloud Worley supplied photographs for the interior; these were printed in black-and-white.


In addition there was a small amount of material about Forever Knight fandom:

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