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Interviews by Fans
Title: Fanlore Live! Series
Interviewee: various
Date(s): 2009
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Fanlore Live is a series of panel notes taken by six fans at Escapade in Spring 2009.

The panel was called Save Fandom's History — Fanlore Live! and it was led by Melina. The panel description was: "Contribute to the new Fanlore wiki ( by sharing your own experiences, memories, and oral history of random. Intrepid Fanlore editors will type rough drafts of your thoughts and memories directly into Fanlore, for panel participants and others to read, edit and expand upon later."

The transcribers were: Shoshanna, Elanor Graves, J, Charlotte Hill, Megan Kent, and Logovo.

The panel was an attempt to populate, record fannish history, and encourage editing on the Fanlore wiki, which had been launched about six months before.

Some of these notes are more complete, coherent, and more properly spelled than others. Very light copy editing has been performed.