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Name: Fang Fetish Awards
Date(s): 2005 - 2009
Associated Community:
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
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Fang Fetish Awards is an award site for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series fanfiction or crossover fanfiction. The awards were created, in 2005, "to honor the Btvs/Ats universe in all their fang-y, vampire glory!" As s result, the Fang Fetish awards did not accept all human fic.[1]

Fiction Requirements

• Any length of fiction is eligible for nomination, however fics that are under 1000 words are considered to be a drabble or ficlet and are only eligible in those categories.

• The only fiction we accept is based on a recognizable BTVS/Ats world. This does not mean it has to be canon. It can be extremely AU; however, the basic premise of a world that has vampires and slayers in it has to be adhered to. There are category and section restrictions please visit that section for clarification. Nominations that are in the wrong section or category are subject to deletion.

• If fiction is a WIP it must have at least 5 chapters and have been updated within the last two months. In order to win the fiction must have been updated within three months of judging end.

• Please do not nominate a fic that is riddled with errors. All fics should be beta'd, or fairly error-free. All fics will be screened by the judges for quality purposes and stories are subject to deletion if they do not meet basic standards such as correct spelling.

• Again, please check section and category descriptions below for what is allowed in those particular areas. All categories must have 5 fics to be judged and will close after 12 entries have been received.

• Stories must be written in English.[1]


• Please be careful in nominating. Regardless of how good a fic is, it cannot win if it does not meet the category requirements.

Spuffy - This section is for the pairing of Spike/Buffy and derivations of such, i.e. Spike/Buffy/Dru or Spike/Buffy/Angel… However, it MUST include Spike and Buffy. It can include any form of Spike/Buffy that you can come up with, i.e. traditional Slayer/Vampire, Buffy can become a vamp, Spike can Shanshu, their positions can be reversed, etc. however we do not allow fics that take place in an all human world.

• All Pairings - This section is for all pairings within a recognizable BTVS/Ats world. There does not have to be a vampire or supernatural pairing in this section; however it does have to be Btvs/Ats characters or crossovers with Btvs/Ats characters. Therefore, we will accept pairings such as Wesley/Giles, Willow/Buffy, Willow/Wesley, and so forth but will not accept fics set in an all human world.

• Vampiric Non-Spuffy - This section is for vampires (with the exception of Spike/Buffy). The pairing must have a vampire in it. We accept all Angel, Spike, Darla, Dru and other canon vampires in addition to fics where one of the pairings was a vampire who turned human or a human who has been vamped.

• Best author is based on fics that have won in each specific round. All judges/mods vote from a list of authors who have won an award in that particular round, but has never won a best author award in any previous round of Fang Fetish.

• Any fiction is eligible for a Judge's/Mod’s Choice award and at the judges'/Mods’ discretion can be held over to the next round for nomination.[1]

Nominations Rules

• An author can have two nominations per category; self nominations are allowed; however, please make sure your fiction meets the requirements and is a quality fic.

• A story can be nominated three times per round.

• Any author who has been proven to be a plagiarist is banned from receiving any fiction nominations.

• Please fill out the form correctly with the url of the story and the author’s email address. The fiction must be archived where it can be accessed by the general public and the judges. If we can’t read it, we can’t vote. No Locked LJ Posts! We will not ask any of our judges to friend someone just to be able to judge their fic. It exposes their identity to the person whose fic they are supposed to be judging! Elysian Fields (Spuffy archive) requires a person to be a member to read NC17 fics so we CANNONT accept nominations for NC17 rated fics from EF!

• In the space beside ‘rules’ type “grr argh!”. Otherwise your nomination will be deleted. This will change each round!

• A judge, mod or the owner can be nominated; however, they are then excluded from judging in that category.

• Please note that if a fiction has won it may be excluded from similar categories. I.e. Winners of Best Spara or Spander cannot be nominated in Best Het or Best Slash.

• Stories which have already won four awards from Fang Fetish are not eligible to be nominated again, unless it is for a special round or category which will be noted at the beginning of such a round. Judges Choice Award does NOT count towards this limit, nor do awards won from other sites.

• Last, a fiction must have all appropriate warnings on the fiction or you must supply them. If we find out the story has a subject like rape, death, or taboo subjects and it is not labeled as such by you or the author, we will delete it. We do not mind dark or taboo fics; many of our judges love dark fics. However, it must be labeled properly so that we can assign it to judges who enjoy darker fics and not to ones who have requested to avoid them.[1]


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