Faint (Stargate SG-1 vid)

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Title: Faint
Creator: Abby_I
Date: August 27, 2006
Length: 10MB
Music: "Faint" by Linkin Park
Genre: het, Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Footage: original source, seasons 8-10 (up to 10x07)
URL: offline *Original Vid Info on LiveJournal

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"Faint" is a Stargate SG-1 vid by Abby_I. It is a het vid with the pairing of Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran. This vid was originally posted to the LiveJournal community 4minutewarning on August 17, 2006.


This vid was reviewed by Paraka on the reel vidding community on June 1, 2006:

"Overall impression: A nice, fast paced vid, that really makes me feel for Vala as I watch it.

Titles: The opening graphic is really nice, but maybe is up for too long, especially since there wasn't that much information on the picture. Also, even if you choose not to put the name of the artist of the song I'd *always* suggest putting your name on your vids. It makes it really hard for people to find you again if you don't sign your vids.

Music choice: Not a song I would have ever thought of, but after seeing your vid, I can't imagine why. It works so well for the storyline set up for this vid. So well.

Narration, Tone and Movement: I love how fast paced this is, it really keeps the vid moving, keeps it interesting (especially when you add in your clip choice, but that for a different section). The POV was always constant, and I liked how you managed to mix Vala's sassyness and her vulnerability.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring: The white flash transitions were a great set up for the vid, letting viewer realize that this is going to be a fast vid, but I'm really glad that the rest of the transitions were straight cuts. The quickly changing scenes were all that was need, if transitions had been added it would have distracted from the content of the clips (the story would have been lost in all the flash). Good choices.

During some of the really rapid clip changes, I did feel that the timing was a little off. I know how hard timing can be when things are cut that close, but by the end of some of the “I won't be ignored”s if felt like you were just catching up.

Specific vid & music notes: First off, I have to admit, that this type of fast moving vid is my absolute favourite kind. But what *really* sells this vid for me, is that it's not just just about action or blowing things up; it has a real story line, and one that the vidder manages to keep consistent for the entire vid.

As I mentioned earlier, I love how the vidder had a nice balance between sassy!Vala and vulnerable!Vala, especially at the beginning. The beginning had lyrics that helped this balance, but it was great that even when the lyrics moved away from that (and to some extent the clips did too), the vidder was still able to tie it all together with a great closing shot. After all the clips of Daniel turning his back on Vala (who knew there were so many in canon?) we close on a clip of Vala walking away from Daniel.

There was also a nice mix of Daniel clips. Enough of him walking away, being annoyed, and generally rejecting Vala to fit with the song, but still the longing looks, and the touching and whatnot that lets you believe that there's something there. That lets you believe that this isn't a one way crush, that lets you see why Vala can be so hurt by him.

One section I would like to talk about is the one from 1:50-2:04ish. This is the one section I find a bit slow. I understand from a vidding standpoint just how hard it can be to vid a section like that (what with all the yelling), and I don't necessarily think it was done badly (the fighting fits the sound of the song, and things like grabbing each other's head during the lyrics “you're gonna listen to me” is a nice touch. The scene is also a rather significant one for the characters) but maybe something could have been added (possibly some effects) to help keep it moving.

Final notes: I'll admit that Daniel/Vala isn't a pairing I ever really saw on the show, and I never really flet that Vala felt anything more than lust for Daniel, but this vid has me believing the opposite, which to me makes it a very powerful vid. I also don't think I got bored at all watching this vid, even though I had to watch it about 20 times for this review, which also says something. Overall? Colour me impressed. *adds vid to favourites*"