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Name: ethrosdemon
Alias(es): Kassie, Kassandra Sims
Type: fanfic author, convention organizer - Wincon, BNF
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Smallville, Lotrips, SGA, SPN, J2, RPF, RPS
Other: Biblioteque (with Lar)
ehtrosdemonfic's fic
URL: ethrosdemon at LiveJournal
ethrosdemon at AO3
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ethrosdemon was an active fan, particularly on LiveJournal from about 2002. She had many fandoms and put effort into making them good for everyone, in particular, co-founding the Supernatural convention, Wincon. She was known to friend and foe alike for her biting sense of humor and her passionate opinions.

In 2008, she hosted a critical discussion of the Organization for Transformative Works, "And one more thing!".

In 2010, she was interviewed by the OTW's scholarly journal, Transformative Works and Cultures mainly about Wincon and Supernatural fandom.[1]

On September 30, 2016, her friend affectingly posted on the ethrosdemon LiveJournal account that she had died of liver failure[2]. There was an announcement on Facebook as well[3]. Ethrosdemon requested no memorial[4], therefore this page is not a memorial.