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Name: esama
Type: fan writer, fan artist
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Final Fantasy VII, Hobbit, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Hikaru no Go, Kingsman, Avengers, Temeraire, Star Wars, Assassin's Creed
URL: esama on ao3 - esama on tumblr
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Esama is a prolific author & occasional artist and plushie-maker. They're notorious for abandoning WIPs often due to losing inspiration but will occasionally come back to them after leaving them for a few months/years. They write a lot of crossovers and time travel fic, often with either Harry Potter, Naruto, or Final Fantasy VII. Typically writes their main characters as very-powerful-and-emotionally-kind-of-dead-to-the-world. The genre they favor tends to be primarily gen and gen-ish m/m.


  • Used to post to FFnet and DeviantArt
  • Deleted everything when flames became too much
  • Fans distributed her fics in a yahoo group with her permission (all of her old fic & art (& new possibly too?) is still available here, but the group is on restricted access and idk if anyone is still maintaining it to allow new members, since I've been in the group from the start. Maybe someone else could test that out?)
  • resurfaced on AO3 and Tumblr a year later
    • typically uploads to Tumblr first, and then archives her fic on AO3
  • has reuploaded most of her fics but has left many WIPs off to avoid people asking for their completion.
  • As of late 2017/early 2018 they've been writing for the Assassin's Creed fandom as well as the Star Wars fandom.


  • allows sequels and prequels etc but doesn't do fic adoptions
  • has said she'd be willing to be commissioned for continuations of old fic (post)
  • blanket permission for translations and podfics

Notable fic

  • King's Jackal (the ygo/hp crossover where Harry learns to do magic with duel cards, abandoned wip)
  • Yesterday's Lessons (the ygo fic where Yugi is disabled and both him and Kaiba are on the ace/aro spectrum. never reuploaded, abandoned wip)
  • Business (the one where Harry turns into the wizarding world's moriarty, oneshot)
  • Off The Line (the final fantasy one where most of the plot is in a virtual reality world, wip)
  • Magnificent (the hp/sherlock crossover with the personifications where harry is the ministry of magic and mycroft is the british government, oneshot)
  • Visionary (the naruto time travel one where kakashi & naruto & obito come back in one very strange body, wip)
  • Sewers of Your Mind (the naruto/hp crossover that's pretty dark and features the classic esama main character, oneshot)
  • Bit of a Change (that ygo/hp crossover that was deleted years ago, abandoned wip)
  • Care and Custody (Kingsman, harry/eggsy, most kudosed of esama's fics, complete multichap)
  • Mother May I (fantastic beasts fic involving found family, complete multichap)
  • Sidelines (the post-apocalyptic katekyou hitman reborn fic, complete multichap)
  • Shadow of the Shire (the hobbit one where bilbo is secretly a BAMF, complete multichap)
  • Stargate Brotherhood (Desmond lives after AC3 and finds out Tok'ra involvement in the history of the Assassins)
  • about 5 different Star Wars time travel fics