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Enamel pins are metal pins with colored enamel on the front, often depicting fanart.


There are two types of enamel pins: hard enamel and soft enamel. Hard enamel is when the metal for of the pin is overfilled with enamel and then sanded down, so that the enamel is flush with the metal lines and the surface is smooth. Soft enamel is when the enamel isn't filled all the way to the top of the metal, creating a recessed, textured surface. It is the less expensive of the two to produce, as less labor is involved.

Sale and Distribution

Due to the growing ease in ordering custom enamel pins, they have exploded in popularity. Many pin-sellers have an Etsy store, and promote their pins on social media like Instagram and Twitter. They also are sold at conventions. Some fandom subscription boxes include an exclusive pin to commemorate each month's box.