Ellen Celeste Lindow

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Name: Ellen Celeste Lindow
Also Known As: Ellen Lindow, Ellen C. Lindow
Occupation: author
Medium: fiction
Works: Florida Universe
Official Website(s): https://sites.google.com/site/ellencelestesfanfic/
Fan Website(s):
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Cover of "Everything Yet To Be", artwork by Robert E. Wood

Ellen Celeste Lindow is a fan author whose works have appeared in numerous Space: 1999 zines and also published electronically.

Her work has been included in such publications as the charity zines The Return of Victor Bergman and Everything Yet To Be, as well as Moonscape.

She is well-known for being a creator of, and contributor to, the Florida Universe, which are stories and zines based on Space: 1999 and set in the period between Year One and Year Two.

Lindow has chaired two Space: 1999 conventions and worked as a staffer on many others.

Con Chair