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You may be looking for the Deadwood community dwslash.
Journal Community
Name: Doctor Who Slash (dw_slash)
Date(s): 21 April 2005 – c. early 2019
Moderator: tabimendou, later also spiritedchaos
Type: Slash fanworks and discussion
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: community.livejournal.com/dw_slash (archive link)
dw_slash as it appeared in 2012.

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dw_slash was a Livejournal community for Doctor Who slash.

As of July 2009, it had 1,563 members and 2,766 posts to the community.[1]


For the general discussion of Doctor Who slash. In this case 'slash' would be defined as 'a relationship between two men', but since I'm not aware of a huge following for Doctor Who femmeslash, that can go here too. If you want somewhere to post your 9th Doctor/Rose shippy fics, there's time_and_chips which is the perfect place for that :3. As for other Doctor Who shippy communities... well, I'm sure they're out there somewhere ^^. That's shippy, this is slashy~

Anything slashy is welcomed here, though. Feel free to post fanfiction here, fanart (do people do slashy Doctor Who fanart? Well, if you do, you can post it here), drabbles, epics, dodgy screengrabs, wallpapers, all those lovely creative things. Or if you want to discuss the obvious subtext of, y'know, any time at all the Master and Doctor are on-screen together (or anybody else), feel free to make with the discussing there.


As far as I've come to notice it, the Doctor Who fandom seems quite split when it comes to the age-old argument of the Doctor and zomg sex. So maybe you don't think the Doctor would have sex, maybe you think it's entirely wrong for the tone of the show, maybe you think we're defacing an obviously classical work of high 20th-century cinema (well... TV) with our perving and depravity. I don't care. Lighten up a bit. This community is for us to celebrate what we like, not for you to bitch about what you don't like. You don't like the idea of Doctor Who slash, fine, you don't need to tell us all about it. Little thing called 'personal interpretation', donchaknow.[1]


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