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You may be looking for the Doctor Who community dw_slash.
Journal Community
Name: Deadwood Slash
Date(s): 19 April 2004 – c. 2018
Moderator: aithine
Founder: aithine
Type: Slash and discussion
Fandom: Deadwood
URL: livejournal.com/community/dwslash (archive link)

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dwslash was a Livejournal community for Deadwood slash.

There were 26 entries posted to the community as of April 2012. It was deleted by February 2019.[1]

Community Guidelines

  • Place all episode spoilers behind a cut tag to allow everyone to see the episodes unspoiled if they so choose.
  • Historical events are not considered spoilers. However, putting them behind a cut tag would be very considerate, to allow those who don't wish to be spoiled the choice whether or not to read your post at that time.
  • If you read posts about episodes that you haven't seen yet, don't whine when you find out something that you may not want to know.
  • On-topic posts for this community include: fanfiction, fanfic announcements, fanfic discussion, Old West history and information, episode discussion, etc.
  • No off-topic posts.[2]


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