Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San and Shota Boy

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Fan Comic
Title: Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San and Shota Boy
Artist: Madeline Hrybyk/lychgate
Date(s): 2013-2015
First Published: 2013
Genre/Style: Parody
Fandom: Yaoi
External Links:
Official; Tumblr tag with additional comics
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Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San and Shota Boy was a comic that parodied popular yaoi cliches and art.

Originally posted on Tumblr under the username lychgate, the comics were about a dramatic relationship between Koumon (aka Dorito Faced Bad Touch Sempai San) and Chitsu (aka Shota Boy). Koumon and Chitsu are the same age, but the art style depicts Chitsu as an exaggeratedly small child and Koumon with the features of a stereotypical seme. Anatomy is frequently warped and twisted for comedic effect, with Koumon doing things like sliding his lengthy fingers under a door and tearing it off its hinges, and using his enormous chin to vault over a busy street.

The comic parodies many yaoi series, including specific moments from Okane ga Nai,[1] among others. Bad yaoi art and visual disparities between seme and uke are the main target of parody, but there are also jokes about yaoi's treatment of intimate relationships and female characters.


As of late 2021, the comic had over 400k views on Webtoon,[2] and the first DFBTSSaSB post had nearly 30,000 notes on Tumblr.[3]



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