Don't Use Your Penis for a Brain

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Title: Don't Use Your Penis for a Brain
Creator: Megan Kent
Date: 1992 or before
Format: VCR
Length: :51
Music: "Don't Use Your Penis for a Brain" by Romonovsky & Phillips
Genre: you make the call
Fandom: Blake's 7

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Don't Use Your Penis for a Brain is a VCR era Starsky & Hutch songvid by Megan Kent.

It is a vid that shows up on many fans Desert Island lists: see 1994 Virgule-L Memorable Songvids Survey .

This vid was shown at the 1992 Virgule Convention.

It is available on A History of Vidding and Media Cannibals Tape Collection #2.

Megan Kent commented: "Once I had the R&P tape, this was the obvious choice for a humorous vid. This is the first time I edited a song for content." [1]


Illustrating fans' differing opinions on what constitutes genre:

Maybe the funniest song used for a vid. I wish it could have been slash, but it's still great. [2]
"finally slash fans had gay music for slash vids! R&P are a gay duo with many albums slash fans were happy to use for vidding" [3]


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