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Star Trek Convention
Name: Delecon
Dates: 1990, 1992, perhaps others
Location: Kansas City, Mo
Type: fan-run, celebrity guests
Focus: Star Trek, other media science fiction
Organization: USS Stargazer and the Kansas City Council
Founding Date:
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Delecon was a Star Trek and media science fiction convention held in Kansas City and hosted by USS Stargazer.


The con chair was Coyote.

The location was Adam's Mark Hotel in the Space Station of Kansas City, Mo.

flyer for the 1990 con

The date was August 31-September 2, 1990.

The celebrity guest of honor was Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi). The fan guest of honor was Lucy Synk. Other guests invited (unknown attendance) were Joanne Linville (The Romulan Commander), Grace Lee Whitney (Janice Rand), Ann Robinson from War of the Worlds, Anne McCaffrey (Dragonriders of Pern), Dr. William Wu (Nebula and Hugo Award winner), and Real Musgrave (artist, Dragontale).

From the flyer:

The Federation Starship, the USS STARGAZER opens its hailing frequencies to ambassadors from all parts of the known (and unknown) galaxy as we invite you to bring your Tardises, Vipers, X-Wings, Imperial Shuttles, Lunar Rovers, Draconian Fighters, inc. to the Adam's Mark Hotel located in the Space Station of Kansas City, Mo. on Earthdates August 31-September 2 (remember, "No matter where you go, there you are."). You will be welcomed aboard to enjoy shore leave where you can engage in activities ranging from haggling with Orion Traders to testing your skill and imagination in writing science fiction/fantasy. Attending Delegates are cordially invited to meet with one another at the Ambassador's Ball on Saturday evening and partake of exotic foods and drink while they are entertained by music from the cosmos, cabaret, etc.


The con chair was Coyote.

The location was Kansas, Mo at the Marriott Hotel.

The guests were John de Lancie, Susan Sackett, Robert Blackman, George R.R. Martin, Real Musgrave (artist), Muff Musgrave, and Dr. Kent Cullers (SETI Project). Cullers did not end up attending due to government budget hearings.

Other guests were Ken Keller, Lucy Synk, Chrispin Burnham, David Means, Robin Wayne Bailey, Paula Helm Murray, Rich Urdiales, and Dr. Thomas Picard.

The con skit was performed by members of the Forum of Fantasy Characters, a Kansas City group of actors. It was called "Taming of the Human, Or, How Willie Shakespear Really Wrote His Works."

There was a Hall Costume Contest and a Masquerade Contest.

Categories were: Star Trek (classic, movie, Next Gen), Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, and Children (15 and under).

"Things to remember: Bare skin is NO costume. No costume is NO costume. No weapons demos. They can be carried bu there should be no hacking and slashing or sword play."

From the program book:

B-B-Q BANQUET: This is a pre-registered event. The banquet is an all-you-care-to-eat buffet. Enjoy the company of good friends under the pavilion tent by Lake Marriott while listening to live jazz music performed by delegates from Space Station Paseo.

The menu will include Barbeque Chicken, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs prepared on an outdoor grill over an open fire; Corn on the Cob, Ranch Style Barbeque Beans, Creamy Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Vegetable Crudite, Assorted Relishes, Corn Muffins, Rolls, Ice Cold Sliced Watermelon, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and Lemonade, Coffee or Tea.

The banquet will be from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m, on Saturday night. Food will be served from 5:0D - 6:30 p.m. with Guest Presentations to follow. A Cash Bar will be open from 5:00 - 7:30.

The program book told attendees to only swim in the pool, NOT the lake.

The program book contains 60 pages.

front cover of the program book, Muff Musgrave
back cover of the program book, Lonny Wotz

The front cover was by Muff Musgrave. The back cover was by Lonny Wotz.


  • programing
  • ads
  • flyers for other cons
  • maps
  • guest of honor bios and photos
  • fiction: "The Invitation" by Anne Miller
  • fanart by Penny L. Blackburn
  • "Jeannette Maddox: A Look Back," article by Tim Keltner about Maddox (Starfleet Fleet Admiral) and a history of Starfleet: The International Starfleet Fan Association
  • two bios, photos, and thank you's to two USS Stargazer members: Penny L. Blackburn and Lonny Woltz
  • "A Note from Real About Dragons and Things," article by Real Musgrave
  • an article/memorial about Gene Roddenberry by Jacqueline Gilkey
  • an article/memorial about Richard Kreeger (USS Stargazer member, passed away from AIDS on September 25, 1991) by Penny Blackburn


CAPTAIN'S CALL This is open to all ship C.O.s, both shuttle and starship. If you have questions for Jeannette or the Executive board and problems that you need help with here is the place to bring them up.

RANK HAS ITS PR1VLEDGES: This is open to all Starfleet members who have questions for the Executive Board. This is a Q & A session only.

ROLE OF RC IN STARFLEET: We will have presentations by all the RCs present who will share with you what they are doing in their Region and answer any questions that you might have about what's going on in the region and what an RC does.

INTRODUCING THE KC COUNCIL: Kansas City and our surrounding smaller towns brings 4-6 starships to our area and these have formed into The Kansas City Council. Together they will introduce themselves to those people in the Kansas City area who would like to know more about what each of these chapters does. This might help you make the decision of which chapter to join.

STARFLEET - MAKING A DIFFERENCE: We will have a : panel speaking on how chapters can gee mane involved in thein community, their state, and their country, even a global level and how they, even as a small group, can make an impact. Come share your ideas.

SHUTTLE SURVIVAL: This panel is particularly for shuttles and prospective mother ships. Adm. Sharon Smith and Cmdr. Mike Malocte of Region 12 Shuttle Service will moderate and talk about things that groups can do to be stronger and overcome problems.

MEET THE CANDIDATES: Since this is an election year for Starfleet national President we have set aside time for those candidates present to present themselves and let people know what their stand is on the issues and what their plans are for the future of the fleet.

REGION 12 CONFERENCE: This will be a meeting of the members of Region 12. All are welcome and Region 12 members are strongly encouraged to attend. Discus sion will include several events planned for the future including Landing Party '92 and the 1993 Summit.

HOW TO DEAL WITH PROBLEM MEMBERS: Each chapter has members who may not have the best interpersonal skills and this panel will help you with strategies on how to better deal with these members and make a stronger chapter.


MEET GEORGE R.R. MARTIN: George will be interviewed by publisher Ken Keller. Come learn more about our author and ask any questions that you might have.

"DOORWAYS": George will present a slide presentation on his upcoming series "Doorway." Come get a real behind the scenes look at the creation on a TV series.

READINGS: George will be reading from some of his current work. It's always interesting to hear the author read his own work and see how he meant it to be said.

HOW TO PUBLISH NON-FICTION AND SELL A TV SCRIPT: This seminar will be presented by Susan Sackett. She will work with those interested in getting their works published and will give on the spot advise and critiques so bring work with you or just bring a pencil and paper for notes and some impromptu writing on the spot.

"Q, PICARDS ALTER EGO": This talk will be given by Dr. Thomas Picard, fan and Pychoanalyst from the Menninger Clinic, Tom will give his view bringing in information from the "Q" episodes and will then open the floor to questions.


REAL MUSGRAVE - THERE BE DRAGONS HERE!: Real will present a slide presentation on his art and its inspiration.

THE BUSINESS OF ART: Presented by Real and Muff Musgrave they will discuss how to market you work.

HOW TO BID ON ART: Artist Lucy Synk will host this panel on how to get the most out of an art auction.

MODELS WITH BILL & PHIL: If you have taken time to visit the Model Museum you will see what these guys are up to. They have a terrific display and will be discussing how you get into the model business and all about scratch built models. Take the time to visit the museum before you come to this panel.

LEAD PAINTING: USS Stargazers own Mike Smalley will be doing an on the spot demonstration of miniature painting. We also have a Miniature museum with some terrific displays. Take time to visit this one as well.


BAD SCI-FI MOVIES: We know that you've been up late at night and been turning from channel to channel and come across those old movies where you see the strings holding the spaceship. Well now is your chance to talk about these films with some film historians who have turned watching Sci-Fi movies into an art.

OLD SCI-FI RADIO PROGRAMS: Robin Bailey will be presenting this panel and you will get a chance to listen to some classic radio programs and maybe discuss creating your own.


NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY: The NSS is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. There are 130 chapters worldwide and oven 30,000 members. This panel will include a presentation by the heart of America Chapter.

NSS is one of the largest pro space groups in the country. Their goal is to see the establishment of a space faring civilization within our lifetime. They want space to be a place for everyone to live, work and play; not just a few chosen elite.

The panel will be moderated by Ed Kiker local chapter vice - president and Robert Stout, who is president and founder of the local chapter. Ed works for the Army Space Institute at Ft. Leavenworth and will be talking about utilizing lunar materials for building bases on the moon and mining these resources to construct low-cost space facilities in Earth orbit. Robert will discuss the role of helium-3 as a fuel for fusion power plants; its scarcity on the Earth; and its coincidental abundance in the lunar soil. This is a fascinating panel that show science fiction becoming science fact.

ASTRONOMY AND THE ST UNIVERSE: The Science Dept. of the USS Stargazer (in particular Keith Green and Debbie Harrelson] will be presenting a slide show on space and give you a first hand look at many of the places that you have heard about in the Star Trek series.

PLANETARIUM; We will have our own planetarium on property so you can get a look at the night sky and what you can members of The Kansas City Astronomical Society with their telescopes out to show you stars and planets. Keith Green will give a planetarium show to update you about what's out there.

NANO TECHNOLOGY: Nano Tech has been the basis of recent science fiction including a ST episode . however. NT is not science fiction, it is the hottest new area in high tech and promises to revolutionize everything from manufacturing to medicine to space. If you are interested in writing a story involving NT. or in space development you will probably want to catch this panel presented by Tom Huffman of NSS.

DR. KENT CULLERS - SETI PROJECT; Dr. Cullers was unable to attend due to budget hearings but he has forwarded us information and a couple of videos about the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project. You will hear all about SET! and maybe even hear some messages that we are receiving from space. Read more about Kent as you read through this program book.


COMPOSTING: Everything can be recycled one way or another. Organic items can be used as a way of revitalizing the soil and helping more planes to populate our planet. Stan Slaughter, Heartland All Species, will be presenting this panel and will tell you everything you need to know on how to compost.

DEFORESTATION; This has gotten to be a global concern since the forests, especially the rainforests, make up some much of the oxygen content for the planet and since we are cutting away so much of the old growth forest. Marty Kraft, Pres. of the Heartland All Species Project, will make this presentation and til about what is happening in the U.S. and world and what you can do.

RAINFOREST: Rainforests are one of the richest habitats on earth for a variety of species. Everyday more and more rainforest is being destroyed. Kirk Day, of the Rainforest Alliance will present slides and information on what is happening to the rainforest and what can be done to help preserve this incredible resource.


STEVE JACKSON GAMES: If you are interested in board games or roleplaying this is the panel to attend. Steve will show and tell about all sorts of new things.

RGPGA PRESENTS: This panel will cover all the new and currently RPGA games available. We will also have games going on through out the weekend so this is your chance to learn more about the games and how to roll a character.


SELF DEFENSE: The Stargazer Seals will be presenting this basics in self-defense and how to not live in fear. This will take place in the volleyball arena where we have a softer serface to fall on. They will demonstrate techniques and give some people a chance to do some hands on practice.

THE JOYS OF KLINGON COOKING WITH JENNIA K'TAI: Have you always wanted to know that family recipe to Rogue Blood Pie or how to keep GHahK fresh? Well this is the panel for you . There will be samples and recipe available.

GRADING TREK ALIENS: Presented by the Pres. of the Romulan Star Empire, come look at all the Star Trek Aliens and see how they compare.

DR. WHO: Members of the Kansas City Chancellory Guard will present a panel and information session on the world of Dr. Who.

ALL ABOUT WOODELVES: Presented by the Forum of Fantasy Characters, this panel will cover the history of the Wood Elf.

KLINGON 101: Do you say "Eat my Shorts" when you are trying to say "Beam Me Up". Well come join in this panel and learn the basics of the Klingon language.

VAMPIRES AND OTHER GHOULS: This is a midnight pane! which will talk about the vampire genre in literature, film, and folklore. Be prepared for the macabre.


COSTUMING FROM THE SKIN OUT: This is the complete costumers workshop which will answer all the basic questions on costuming that you might have.

CLOSET COSTUMING: How to take anything from your closet and turn it into a costume.

HOW TO DO A WINNING COSTUME: This panel will help you prepare for the costume contest. You will discuss how to present your costume, how to choreograph, what music to use. and more.

COSTUME CONSTRUCTION: Videos of past Costume Conventions will be running for you to preview and books will be on hand for you to look through. This is a chance to ask questions of other costumers on how they have overcome some problems.

KLINGON KOSTUMING: How to look like a Klingon from swords and daggers to appliances - bumps on your head - to those special award medals as well as the basics in Klingon wear.

FUN WITH FUR: We have several presenters who have fun with fur and make some fabulous costumes. Come learn how to deal with this fuzzy substance.

CHILDREN'S PANELS: [Open to ages 5–13+]

TREK TOONS/DIORAMAS: Come watch some of the Star Trek Animated Series and work on a space diorama.

SLIDE SHOW: This will be a hard science presentation ad will strive to educated all ages.

FOLD A SHUTTLE: Come make your own shuttle to take home with you.

CHARLIE THE CHIPMUNK - EPA: Yes, we will again have that fuzzy, sweet, EPA Chipmunk Charlie on hand to dance and play.

FIND THE CONSTELLATIONS: This will be an educational seminar on the constellations with hands on activities. You can use your knowledge in the planetarium later.

ALIEN/CREATURE MASKS: Make a mask that you can wear for Halloween or at our masquerade ball. You might even want to display it in the costume contest on Saturday night.


HOW TO HOST A CON: Have you thought about putting on your own con and have all the fun that you see the Con staff around you having? Well this is your chance. This panel will be hosted by several people including David Means who have hosted many conventions and can give you the scoop on how to do it the easiest and what to think about in order to prepare.

HOW TO SURVIVE A CON: Are you a Con Virgin - this is your first fan run convention? This panel will cover what you need to know to have a great time at the convention and how to go home tired but satisfied.