Dark Vengeance (Dark Shadows fan film)

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Fan Film
Title: Dark Vengeance
Creator: Robert Finocchio
Date: 1980
Genre: gen/het
Fandom: Dark Shadows

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Dark Vengeance is a Dark Shadows fan film by Robert Finocchio. It premiered at ShadowCon #4.


From an ad for the printed screenplay:
This screenplay, by Robert Finocchio was the working script for the original film viewed at ShadowCon IV and in it the action is fast and furious. The plot concerns Julia's determination to avenge the death of Barnabas Collins by Rogers hands--with the aid and support of the rest of the Collins family and Rev. Trask. Julia enlists some aid of her own--Angelique--and each member of the family is haunted by a spectre out of his or her own path which takes them to a horrifying end. Many full page illustrations by Barbara Fister-Liltz add to the mood of this story--my personal favorite is the one of Maggie Evans, confronted by the spectre of her husband. Nicholas Blair, determined that this time marriage shall, indeed, be a true one… Format and binding identical to "Without Makeup"; Price $5.00.

Reactions and Reviews

[I attended] the premiere performance of DARK VENGEANCE (extremely enjoyable and very ambitious!) the very first fan-produced DS film! (And there was the additional pleasure of being able to buy and read the beautifully illustrated, well bound screenplay. ) I sure hope that DVis the first of many more fan produced DS epics. [1]


  1. ^ from a con report in The World of Dark Shadows #27