Dancing Lessons

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Title: Dancing Lessons
Author(s): cousinjean, adjrun and twelve other fans ("Redeptionistas")
Date(s): 2003?
Genre: het
Fandom: Spike/Buffy
External Links: it was linked herearchived on LiveJournal

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Dancing Lessons is a Spike/Buffy novel posted in installments by cousinjean, adjrun and twelve other fans.

It appears to be a WIP.

This fic was the subject of wank when cousinjean asked fans to give her money so she could take a year off of work and finish the novel. See Can't we just buy you an IPod and Untitled post on Cousin Jean's proposal: "She's taking advantage of fandom's communal history of caring, and I think that's abusive" for some fan reaction to this proposal.

Reactions and Reviews to the Story Itself

A great collaboration fic written by several different authors. It begins after "The Body" I believe and takes a completely different turn from the actual series. Much more B/S friendly! Sometimes, I'd forget if the stuff I read in DL actually happened on the show or not. It's that good! Read it! [1]
This is sort of a virtual season, a collaborative story. It reads very much like episodes of the actual series, and takes off mid-season 5. It includes the full cast of Buffy, with some of Angel as well. The characters are very well written and the plots are nice and meaty. There are a number of character deaths (Scoobies and villains) as it progresses. There are occasional spots where you can tell there were multiple authors, but for the most part it reads very smoothly and has excellent continuity. [2]


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