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Name: DSE, "Disrupt the Sanity of Earth"
Date(s): c. 2000-2002
Founder: Emmy Brinks (chix)
Type: mailing list, website?[1]
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Disrupt_Sanity_Earth at Yahoo! Groups (defunct)[2]
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The DSE was a group of Harry Potter fan writers active circa 2000-2002. The group's members were primarily active on FanFiction.Net, and they also had a Yahoo! group.

The group was best known for writing a type of authorfic known as "clichés". These stories were usually written in chat format and featured the author of the story and often other DSE members conversing with the characters and/or one another. Some stories contained very minimal mentions of the Harry Potter universe or its characters, making them more akin to original fiction or fandom RPF.[3]

The most active members of the group were called the "NormCrowd".[4]

One fan reminisces:

The DSE was this group--the name stands for Destroying the Sanity of the Earth [sic]--who basically had way too much sugar and caffeine and loved to write cliches, another thing I don't know if anyone does anymore. You know, when the author literally writes herself into the story--not as Mary-Sue--and all the characters bitch to her about how mean she's being and stuff. I think Gypsy herself did one of the first ones, or it might've been Flourish... who knows. Anyway. Yeah, they were fun, but it got old after a while.[5]

Most of these stories written for the DSE were posted in the "Harry Potter Authors" category on FanFiction.Net. This category was deleted in September 2002, along with all the stories in it. One member wrote: "The DSE's foundations have been stabbed at by FFN's unjust deletion of the HP Author Fics section. i mean, seriously- we were born and raised on the HP Author Fics section. WE WILL GO CRY NOW."[1] Additional stories may have been removed due to FanFiction.Net's ban of "chat room or keyboard dialogue based entries", also announced in September 2002.[6]

Around mid-2003, ZePruneMoufine made efforts to restart the DSE with Emmy Brinks's permission.[7]


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