Curse, What Curse?

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Synonyms: CWC
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"Curse, What Curse?" is a subgenre of fanworks in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fandoms, in which Angel's curse is ignored, glossed over, or summarily disposed of. [1] [2] Often the result is a PWP.

While the exact origin of this term is unknown, it appears B/A writers were using it as early as 2000.

This trope was often known by its acronym CWC. Fans have also applied that same acronym to a different type of denialfic. Recently CWC has been used to mean, Canon, What Canon?. The acronym CWC also predates Buffy fandom and had previously meant, Continuity, What Continuity?.

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  1. ^ About EverySixSeconds Last accessed Sept 11, 2010. CWC stands for Curse, What Curse? Basically, a way to write a naughty story for Angel without having to deal with the perfect happiness clause.
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