Continuity, What Continuity?

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See also: denialfic, reset button, Fix-it
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Continuity, What Continuity? is a fannish term that pokes fun at The Powers That Be's inattentiveness or deliberate denial of the details of continuity in the shows they've created.

A response is often a Fix-it fanwork, created to try to make sense of aired canon.

Examples of Use

"I’ve fiddled with several different Universes and several different combinations of men. I do not, even for one teensy weensy second, claim to have gotten all the details right. For one thing, with the ST:TNG story, we had to create a new acronym to go with the infamous PWP. We now have the CWC, which stands for Continuity? What continuity? Being a raving loony, I watched five hours straight of the series, fast-forwarding over all the action and the bits that didn’t have Worf or Riker. And guess what I discovered? Not only do the people who do the show not remember what the original series and the books have to say, but they don’t remember what they themselves had to say in the same episode. So I feel perfectly entitled to make things up as I go along. Just following in their footsteps." [1]

Boy Meets World is well-known for this in certain areas; while the continuity is more or less stable, the show has accidentally retconned certain backstories or plot points. (Cory and Topanga's story is infamous for this in particular; their first date is shown in season 1, but later seasons stated that the two had been practically married since toddlerhood.)


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