Crossovers (Fanfic Symposium essay)

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Title: Crossovers
Creator: Kadorienne
Date(s): September 9, 2002
Medium: online
Topic: Fan Fiction, Crossovers
External Links: Crossovers, Archived version
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Crossovers is an essay by Kadorienne.

It is part of the Fanfic Symposium series.

Essay Points

1. Introducing characters to the reader.
2. The characters don't all need to understand each other perfectly or learn everything about each other.
3. Just because you love them all doesn’t mean that all of them will love each other.
4. Look for parallel details from the different fandoms to weave together.
5. Honor the traditions of each of the fandoms.
6. Don't have one character solve all the problems or make all the mistakes.
7. Plot each thread as if it were its own story.
8. Have canon betas.


Some fanfiction readers love crossovers. Others hate them. Why?

In their way, crossovers are just as self-indulgent as Mary Sues. The writer is having fun playing with all of her favorite toys at once. The reader, on the other hand, is saying, "What does he mean, 'Candygram'? And what's all this about horsemen?"

I'm in the "loves crossovers" camp. Love reading 'em, love writing 'em. I derive great satisfaction from weaving the different elements of the different universes together, and when they mesh well, it's pure joy. But a bad crossover makes me understand why some people refuse to read crossovers at all. I wrote one that I'm quite proud of, and it got less feedback than any other fanfic I've written. Thus, my guidelines on how to write a good crossover.