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Journal Community
Name: Crack Impala
Date(s): 24 January 2007 - November 2015 (last entry)
Moderator: dea_liberty, ellipsisblack, rejeneration
Type: recs community
Fandom: Supernatural, Supernatural RPF
URL:; archive link
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Crack Impala was a Crack Van inspired recs community for Supernatural and Supernatural RPF/J2 fanworks (primarily fanfic but vids, fanart and meta are also recced). However, unlike Crack Van the main focus is on reccing recent works to other SPN fans, rather than selections to pimp the fandom to new fans, though a "Blast from the Past" feature for older fanworks makes up part of the weekly schedule of recs.

In 2014 a tumblr mirror was added.

As of April 2017, the community had 1,943 posts and 3,649 comments.[1] By 2019 a couple hundred posts had been deleted due to livejournal emigration, but the comm was still watched by over 2000 users.


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