Courage and Kindness

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Title: Courage and Kindness
Creator: lefcadio
Date(s): March 1, 2006
Medium: online
Fandom: Digimon
Topic: Daisuke/Ken
External Links: LJ archived version
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Courage and Kindness is a 2006 essay posted on the LiveJournal community Ship Manifesto in support of Daisuke/Ken from the anime Digimon. The essay discussed the two characters, Motomiya Daisuke and Ichijouji Ken, the reasons for being a fan of the ship, and fanfic recommendations.


Ken and Daisuke seem to be the ideal complement to each other; as shown during the final battle, Daisuke has no darkness or fears in his heart, while Ken's is perhaps the darkest of all - they are bound together by friendship, by Jogress - by the simple fact that they now need and rely on each other. They've been through an awful lot, and yet through strength of will and the help of each other and their friends, have come out on top. Their personalities mesh well, and they obviously enjoy spending time together, as well as being as close as they are.

Reactions and Reviews

Digimon was my very first fandom, so this definitely brings back some memories. *smile* You did a terrific job. -comment by settiai
Wow, this brings back all sorts of memories. While, I'm not so much of a Daiken fan, Digimon was my first fandom and therefore is amazingly nostalgiac. A great take on Digimon 02 as a whole, though. You definetly looked deep into it and saw what everything was really about. -kami_brennan

Oh, Digimon was my first real fandom and Daisuke/Ken is probably one of my most OTPey... OTPs (YES, CHECK ME OUT. TOTALLY MAKING WITH THE SENSE).

The thing about Daiken is that Ken really brings out the best in Daisuke. The point in the series where Daisuke ceases being an immature boy with numerous inferiority complexes and matures into a real Hero (with the capital H and all) is about the time when he starts to make his overtures of friendship towards Ken.

Their relationship certainly has it's complications and angst, but the thing is that they just... gah, I can't even formulate coherent thoughts here. You've just reminded me how much I love these characters and this pairing. I'm totally going to go have some hardcore nostalgia and read all of those fics you've recommended, because oddly enough, I think I've read every single one of them before. o__O

ANYWAYS. THIS WAS AWESOME. KUDOS! (especially for including the Shopping Carol. XD) -Mar. 2nd, 2006 by cephiedvariable