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Name: Motomiya Daisuke (Davis Motomiya in the American dub)
Relationships: Daisuke/Hikari, Daisuke/Ken, Daisuke/Taichi
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Motomiya Daisuke, or Davis Motomiya in the American dub by Saban Entertainment, is a character from the second season of the Digimon anime. His introduction to the group polarized fans, some of whom disliked him because he was viewed as an unworthy successor to the first season's popular Taichi as well as interference to the popular ship of Takeru and Hikari. That the American dub portrayed him as foolhardy and occasionally down-right stupid and made him the butt of other characters' jokes didn't help. Despite this, parts of the Digimon fandom rallied behind Daisuke. In later episodes of the show, he allied with Ken, who had a substantial fanbase of his own, which seemed to soften fandom's opinion of him.

Relationships in canon

In the American dub, Davis has a crush on Hikari (who goes by the nickname "Kari"). This infatuation continues through the show, though nothing came of it and it was often used as a source of humor. There was a part of fandom dedicated to this couple, which was probably the most popular het pairing featuring Daisuke/Davis. His relationship with Ken, both in the original Japanese version and the American dub, was much stronger than the bonds he formed with the other characters, which is why they became partners.

Relationships in fanon

The most popular slash ship of the second season, and possibly the most popular ship overall, was Daisuke/Ken. Also known as Daiken and Kensuke, this pairing was featured in countless sites, stories, and art. Other popular ships include Daisuke/Hikari, Daisuke/Taichi, and Daisuke/Takeru.

Depictions in fanworks

Some fans actively hated Davis/Daisuke, killing him off or making him the villain in fanfiction or dedicating entire pages to bashing him or his sister Jun. Davis- and Jun-bashing was sometimes combined into Motomiya-bashing, in which both characters were belittled.

He is: 3 words: TAICHI! WANNABE! PANTYTHIEF! He wants to be Taichi so much he housebreaks the Kamiya household and tries to make off with his idol's panties. AND on top of that he's trying to get jiggy with Tai's little sister. DAVIS! YOU ARE SICK! GET HELP!

Also owns a skanky sister called Jun who is trying to deflower Matt. Gerroff him, ho!!!!!!! What to they give that family for breakfast? they have the permenant horn! [1]

Daisuke/Davis character shrines were created in response. Some sites, such as daisuke lovers (from the Wayback Machine), featured banners that fans could display to declare their support of him.

I was surfing around in some very lovely designed Digimon pages when I ran across several pages where they didn't like Daisuke. Me, being a fan of both Ken and Daisuke (alone or together), was horrorified. Now, I didn't flame those people (cause you will always sound stupid, and I'm smart okay?), but I didn't stick around on those sites. I decided, as a badge of pride, to make a clique/club thingie for Daisuke fans! Thus the birth of Daisuke Lovers![2]

Notable fanworks

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