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Name: Ichijouji Ken (Ken Ichijouji in the American dub)
Relationships: Daisuke/Ken, Ken/Miyako, Ken/Osamu
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Ichijouji Ken is a character from the second season of the Digimon anime. Introduced into the series as the main villain the Kaiser, known as the Digimon Emperor in the American dub, he eventually has an emotional breakdown and upon recovery, joins the other Chosen Children to protect the Digital World.

Relationships in canon

As shown in the last episode, Ken marries Inoue Miyako, or Yolei in the American dub, one of the other Chosen Children. This canon couple was probably the most popular het ship involving Ken. While he is eventually forgiven by the rest of the group, Ken's strongest supporter is Motomiya Daisuke and thus they develop the closest friendship during the span of the show. Their Digimon partners are able to combine into a single entity through a process called Jogress evolution, or DNA digivolution in the American dub.

Relationships in fanon

The most popular slash ship of the second season, and possibly the most popular ship overall, was Daisuke/Ken. Also known as Daiken and Kensuke, this pairing was featured in countless sites, stories, and art. When Ken is in his Kaiser persona, the term Kaisuke was used; generally these pieces of fanfiction and fanart were darker than Daiken or Kensuke fanworks.

Ken was also paired with the other characters of the first and second season of the show. Though not as popular as Takeru/Yamato, there were some fanworks dedicated to the incestuous relationship of Ken/Osamu.

Depictions in fanworks

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Notable fanworks

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