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Synonyms: Prompting Meme, Prompt Fest, Promptathon, Comment Fest, Comment Meme, Comment Fic Fest, Comment Ficathon,
See also: Prompt, Commentfic, Fill, Kink Meme, Ficathon
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A Prompt Meme is a type of meme or fest where fans provide prompts and other fans fill the requests with fic or art. Prompts are often formatted as follows:

"Fandom, Character/Pairing, Prompt (and sometimes Ratings/Warnings if applicable)"

Fic fills are expected to be commentfic, so relatively short, longer fills are often just a link to the fic posted to an individual's journal or a fanfiction archive, like AO3. These types of challenges are usually casual, with no claiming periods or assignments, and creators picking and choosing what they respond to. Although, it is often considered good etiquette that if you leave prompts you that you also fill at least one other fan's prompt.

Example Prompt Memes