SPN Demons Comment Fic/Art Meme

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Name: SPN Demons Comment Fic/Art Meme
Date(s): 2010
Moderator(s): getyourguns
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community: spn-demons
URL: https://spn-demons.livejournal.com/8945.html; archive link
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SPN Demons Comment Fic/Art Meme was a comment meme in Supernatural fandom, focused on demons or demon possessed characters.


  • Alistair/Sam, Trifecta by tahirire
  • Demon!Dean, Dean Reflective Nightmares by theinsaneeraser
  • Lilith, Untitled by queen_insane
  • Dean, John, Alistair, Sistine by kalliel
  • Sam, Azazel, Surveillance by tahirire
  • Azazel, Meg, Untitled by nong_pradu
  • Crowley/John, Lilith Glory, or Something Like It by chasingtides
  • demon!Dean/Sam, Unexpected by redtapestry
  • Brady/Dean, Twenty Minutes by casiedearestfic
  • Lucifer, Time by monicawoe
  • future!Dean, Lucifer(Sam), Kingdom of Eternal Night by elliemurasaki
  • demon!Dean, Castiel, De profúndis clamávi ad te by getyourguns
  • Brady/Sam, Hitting the Ground by getyourguns
  • Ruby/Dean, End of Days by tahirire
  • The Four Horsemen, Last Call by monicawoe
  • demon!Winchesters, Through the Darkness We Rise by alwaysenduphere