Cold Case (Starsky and Hutch zine)

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Title: Cold Case (or: Cold Case Confidential)
Publisher: Fun Zebra Productions (Nicol Tyler)
Editor(s): Nicky Gabriel & Keri T Keri T
Date(s): October 2014
Medium: print
Size: 267 pages
Genre: Gen
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Language: English
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"Cold Case" (subtitle: Cold Case Confidential) is a Starsky & Hutch gen zine that premiered at SHareCon 2014. It was published by Fun Zebra Productions (Nicol Tyler).

The zine, which had been several years in production, is 270 pages long. It contains five long stories by Dawnwind, wightfaerie, Hutchlover, Allie, and Pat L., and poetry by youtooblondie. Cover art was created by Barb McDonald, with interior art by Megan Moonlight, TLR, and Nicol Tyler.

The zine's editor was Nicky Gabriel, who acknowledges extensive editing help from others in a statement on livejournal: "The zine was edited by Keri T., and without her help I would have been lost! Pat L.’s story was edited by Sonia." [1]

From the introduction: Note From The Author:
What you are holding in your hand has been a true labor of Love and Friendship. I am especially thankful for those writers and friends who have entrusted me with their stories to place in this zine. Without you this zine would never have happened.

And without Keri T., who had edited the stories and who explained to me (in person) what zines were actually about, this whole adventure would not have been possible. And I certainly can not forget Flamingo who is an expert like none other and who shared all the secrets about zine publishing with me. And especially I would like to thank Nicol Tyler who stayed with me till the very end and who never doubted me. Without her support I would be lost forever.

And finally I would like to thank the most patient authors and artists ever. They know what I'm talking about and they deserve a long ride in one candy apple red Torino with two gorgeous boys driving.

The zine's price at the Con was $20 U.S. and would be sold after the Con for $25 U.S. plus shipping.


  • Art by Barb McDonald
  • by definition (Poem) by youtooblondie
  • All For Joey's Sake by Dawnwind
  • Five Lives (art) by TLR
  • Five Lives by wightfaerie
  • Huggy and Dobey (art) by Megan Moonlight
  • A Matter of Perception by Hutchlover
  • Partners (art) by Nicol Tyler
  • Trust by Allie
  • Trust (art) by Nicol Tyler
  • When Innocence Is Lost by Pat L.


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