Coin Operated Boy (Supernatural vid)

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Title: Coin Operated Boy
Creator: counteragent
Date: 2011-01-26
Format: 37 mb wmv
Length: 4:39
Music: Dresden Dolls: Coin Operated Boy
Genre: Metavid
Fandom: SPN
URL: LJ link

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Coin-Operated Boy is a SPN fanvid by counteragent. This vid is about season 6 of Supernatural and the fan response to it. In season 6, Sam lost his soul and was arguably not the same character. This vid expresses the reaction of other characters (Dean) and fandom to this development. It is particularly notable for the shooting and inclusion of a live-action sequence directed by Counteragent and featuring an actress playing a fan distressed about the season.

Vidders Summary:

I* want a coin operated boy**

*Part 1: Dean. Part 2: Dean & Fandom. Part 3: Dean & OFC

**ensouled Sam

It won The Fourth Wall awards for Achievement in Innovation and Achievement in Vidding in 2011.

Vidder's notes

From the original Livejournal post:

I had a rough autumn in 2010. I made this vid to avoid going crazy. It was sort of an epic challenge for me (dark humor, mixed POV, lighting and shooting original footage, hiring an actress, open canon, 4+ minute song), but I needed an artistic challenge to keep me from freaking out about the rest of my life.
Bibliography of fanworks used

The clips from the three vids below are used to show how smitten the boys are and how smitten we are with them being smitten

1. Little Lion Man by killabeez . (F-locked, hence no link) Holy cow I love this vid. It has rendered my incapable of listening to that song in public places.

2. Why by el1ie . The beginning of this vid is so tender it just really messes me up in the best way possible. I'm glad I found this vidder this year!

3. The Wild Son by giandujakiss . I'm such a fan of her work. This portrait of Sam is really moving and makes me tear up.

I didn't cite the polls in the section about us wondering about Sam, but the picspam below is gorgeous and worth a look!

4. The Enigma which is post-hell!Sam... picspam by zimshan

The clips from the vids below were used to show fans' emotional reactions to the storylines that split Sam and Dean up emotionally

5. numb by counteragent . This is probably the most emotional vid I've ever made. I really put my pain into it.

6. Kill A Man by zimshan . This vid is brilliant meta and very well crafted. Take a look if you haven't yet!

This clip from the vid below was used to show the lighthearted side of our (and the show's) manipulation of Sam and Dean.

It's important to note that the OFC is watching the vid here, so that is what she's thinking about the vid. I'm not claiming anything about the vidders' original intent in this section (as opposed to Part 2, where I'm using the vids as fandom's POV)

7. Channel Surfing by maichan and ash48 . These ladies are beyond brilliant. This is like 2000% percent better than the epidsode it mirrors IMO.

Also shown:

- How the Winchesters got their groove back, comment fic meme. This is one of my favorite fix-it memes. I thought all the stories were exceptionally good.

Tags: spn, vid_rec, vids_mine


If you enjoy your meta clever and cutting, this is definitely for you. Highly ambitious vid in three parts that uses not just canon source, but also fandom works and a hired actress to the boot. Justifiably recced and awarded all over the damn place. Check it out now if you already haven't.[1]
If you have yet to see counteragent's new vid, 'Coin-Operated Boy'? Don't walk, RUN! I don't care if you hate SPN, have never seen the show, or whatever. It doesn't matter. This is like the most EPICALLY EPIC of all metarific vids EVER, that captures the comfort and insanity that is fandom in such an unflinchingly critical and pointed way, IT IS RIDICULOUS. My mind is still REELING from it 12 hours later. It will probably be EATING MY BRAIN for the rest of the week! That's how OMG, SHUT UP, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? this vid is. NO, REALLY. SERIOUSLY.
That video is truly awesome, isn't it? I've seen several people reccing it within what seemed like minutes of it being posted! She broke the SPN vidder's 4th wall - superbly!![2]


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